We offer a wide range of services, including accident reconstruction analyses, EDR downloads, accident scene photography, and vehicle modification and scene set-up in the most versatile accident reconstruction software available - Virtual CRASH (www.vcrashusa.com).

Accident Reconstruction

At Crash Recon Services, we specialize in Accident Reconstruction. Our services include:

  • Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Analyses

  • Physics Calculations

  • Accident Scene Inspections

  • "Delta-V" Estimates

  • Time-Distance Analyses

  • Bicycle & Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

  • Pedestrian Impact Analyses

  • Expert Witness Testimony

EDR Download 

Have a vehicle that needs an EDR (black box) download? No download is too complicated for Crash Recon Services. Let our professional team quickly retrieve your stored data and deliver it to you securely.

Virtual Crash

Own Virtual CRASH and need help importing your custom vehicle or modifying a vehicle currently in the database? Let our team quickly and efficiently modify your vehicle and have it running in the Virtual CRASH environment in no time! Need a scene set up to fit your particular case? Let our team build your scene for you so you can spend more time on your cases, and not on your computer. For more information about Virtual CRASH please visit www.vcrashusa.com.

Scene Photography 

Need photos of a scene or a vehicle? Crash Recon Services can report to any location and take photographs for you and deliver them electronically.

Email: info@crashrecons.com

Phone: (800) 281-7401